Summer Foot Care

Caring for your feet is always is important but Summer foot care is doubly so as our feet are a lot more exposed when the weather is warm.  There are a few simple rules that will keep your feet looking, and more importantly, feeling good throughout the summer and prevent possible issues in the Winter.

First and foremost – don’t forget exposed feet need sun block.  Those lightweight shoes, sandals and flip flops leave a large area of your foot open to view – and sunlight.  We are very conscientious about applying the sunblock but you might be surprised by the number of people that stop at the ankle!

On the subject of lotions your feet will benefit from regular applications of good moisturiser all year round but especially so in Summer where they are exposed far more.  Wearing flip flops and sandals with no arch support puts extra pressure on your feet and can lead to problems such as cracked heels so moisturiser will help there. You should also try not to wear unsupportive shoes all the time – ring the changes a bit and give your feet some help.

Feet are more prone to problems such as Blisters and Fungal infections in the summer so you need to keep an eye open for those – wearing shoes with a toe stop or a band round one or two toes can lead to rubbing and blisters.  Don’t pop them! Use a blister plaster and if they do pop use antiseptic.  

If you have any itchy or flaking areas on your feet check for fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot which can take up residence in any damaged areas of your feet.  These infections are highly contagious so get some treatment as soon as possible from your Podiatrist.

If you have Diabetes you need to take extra care as  any numbness resulting from neuropathy means you may not feel any damage.  Check your feet daily, don’t walk barefoot and at the slightest sign of a problem consult your medical practitioner.

Toes and toenails also need a bit more care in the summer – because they are on show so much more we tend to trim the nails and perhaps apply nail polish a  bit more often. Cut the nails when they are softer after a bath or shower – and not too short! To prevent ingrown toenails make sure you file the corners so they will not dig in to the soft skin around them.  Give your nails a breather from polish for a few days as well, and make sure you check for any signs of infection or damage when they are free of polish.

Most important, keep your feet clean and dry, wash them daily to get rid of dust and grime and make sure you dry them properly.  Give them a quick check to make sure there is no damage.  

Follow these simple summer foot care guidelines and your feet will look and feel good throughout the summer.

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